About us

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have been developing Dairy delivery software since the late 1980’s. The program was originally tailored for rounds that  were 99% Doorstep delivery with the odd shop supplied. As the Dairy Trade changed so did our approach. We developed and so did our software. Our Paragon Dairy Management System can confidently handle the full range of Dairy clients from the Single Round BMB to Multi Site operations with Doorstep rounds or Wholesale Distribution businesses supplying National Chains or Health and Education Authority customers.

No other company, we believe

¨      Has as much involvement or commitment to the Dairy Trade

¨      Can provide the same support and backup

¨      Continues developing Systems that are easy to use yet provide sophisticated and innovative features

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients a total service. We can provide a Software only solution or supply any relevant Hardware including PC’s, Printers and Broadband capability. A varied range of  Handheld units with all peripherals to suit all delivery preferences can be supplied to seamlessly integrate.  Our technical staff can also install or adapt and maintain any networking capability you may require.

Our flexible approach enables us to respond specifically to our customers’ individual requirements. We would be interested to discuss with you how we can provide solutions for your company’s needs.

Call us today on 01204 577776 or email info@yourmoo.com